In my Europe adventure, everything started with an Interrail love. If you want to taste the feeling of freedom, do it once in your life. Bil Not once, but twice. When I said Balkan tours, weekend getaways, I went to more than 30 European countries. How Does ?

1.Europe Continent

I intend to write this article a little bit. I will give you information about Schengen (Schengen) and interrail. As an example, I’ll take the routes I’ve done and tell you about the days and costs you’ll spend.

I will also talk about short or long term alternative trips. In short, before I go, I’ll take a look and create a travel guide that I hope will help you find enough information, and try to answer any questions you may have. So let’s start…

2. About the European Union

It is a union which was designed to strengthen the relations of the European continent countries and to create a free travel and free trade environment by removing the borders of the countries located on the continent.

In short, just as you travel comfortably and do business, you can do the same from Paris and Berlin. However, it is worth noting that it does not cover all countries in the European continent.

Within the framework of this agreement, which entered into force in 1992, there are 28 official states. The volume created by these countries in the world economy is around 16.8 trillion dollars, which corresponds to 30 percent of all revenues in the world. The currency of the union is the famous euro.

3. What is Schengen?

In fact, Schengen removes borders and ensures that people and trade are freely accessible and accessible between the member states within the region.

Speaking of the member states: Approximately 30 countries in Europe are members of this union and once you get one visa, you can visit all of them easily. I have already explained in detail what is Schengen Visa .

4. What are the members of the Schengen union?

The most important of these countries; Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, all Scandinavian Countries, Greece, Spain, there are about 30 countries. You can see the full list of the Schengen Visa What I mentioned in the next paragraph.

Romania, meanwhile, is also a member state, but not yet complete. So if you have a schengen visa, you can also go to Romania.

5.What does this Schengen do?

In fact, the best part for us is that even if you have a visa from one of these member states, you can go to other countries without a visa.

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are not members of this Schengen. We need a UK visa for this .

6. Where should I apply for the Schengen Visa?

This is no longer the consulate, but the visa offices appointed and assigned by the consulates. So do not go to consulates in vain to get a Schengen visa.

All member states require almost the same visa documents. Before you go, if you want to get a visa from the country, you should check the site of the country’s office and review the current visa documents.

7. What are the countries not included in Schengen?

As I mentioned above, not all countries on the European continent are members of Schengen. So do not think that I can take Schengen and go directly to countries on the entire continent. Check the member states above and determine the route to which you will go.

For example, countries such as England – Ireland – Scotland – Montenegro – Kosovo – Macedonia – Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina are not included in Schengen.

You will need to apply for a separate visa for England-Scotland and Ireland . We are able to visit Turkish citizens in countries such as Montenegro-Kosovo-Macedonia- Serbia- Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are among the Balkan countries without a visa . For your information…

8. How should the European continent follow a route?

I’m coming to the point. Problems such as visa procedures, accommodation and transportation are somehow taken care of afterwards. The important thing is to decide where to go. Or we went, where we go up to where else or how many days are questions such as stay.

At the beginning of this site I set out that my goal is to take you to the route. For example, if you want to go to Italy and visit from start to finish, believe it can take you a year.

Therefore, I will specify routes within the framework of expectations and preferences. Since it is impossible to see everywhere, I will talk about our curiosities or routes about popular cities. Then, in general terms, accommodation, transportation, eating and drinking will also touch on issues such as.

You will already be able to access my articles from the countries tab. I wrote everything in detail in those writings. But before you start, I thought I’d tell you as much maps as I can to get some sketches.

So this article will be a bit long. In order to keep your mind out of it, I also explained one of the routes I made in European continent countries one by one. Interrail routes can be read in detail.

9. How should I take my route? 

First you need to know what you want. I will already tell you how many days you need to stay in the city. But you might want to go to cities where I’m not.

That’s why expectations come into play. For example, in our first year we came to Amsterdam but we did not go to Denmark. However, it was quite close. The reason we didn’t pass was because we had a friend waiting in Germany.

We stuck a little spontaneously while interrail. Believe me, we didn’t even know how to plan. We just decided to take the ticket and decide where we should go. All we knew was to start from somewhere.

If you are going to do such a tour do not think much. In particular, friends who are studying at university or who have just graduated; Don’t think much. Experience the moment. You will not have such adventures after you start your business life.

Most people won’t even know what you’re talking about. It is not to live in business life but to take a look at it. So what you have done at this age to start, that blood and soul to your soul at the earliest benefit. Don’t think too much. Buy the ticket and go…

10. How should I provide transportation on my European Continent? 

The already. You will not have to worry about transportation problems on this continent. Buses, planes and especially trains cover every side of the continent. But if your destination will be far away from each other, you must provide transportation by plane.

If you are going to visit the Balkans and the Baltics, you should take the bus. The rest use trains that are incredibly widely used in almost all countries.

There’s a company called Rynair for transportation by plane . You can even buy a ticket for 1 euro. One of the cheapest airlines in Europe and even in the world. And Easyjet .

This company is also very convenient. Believe me, you’ll find that you’re flying into incredibly funny numbers. Even the cheapest airlines in Europe can see the details in my article.

I’m not gonna write anything about bus recommendations right now. Because I’ve never seen anything that was surprisingly cheap. But you can use the widely used Buseurope company.

If you are going abroad from Turkey, Metro tourism is going to a point. Even for this, you can look at my article on the cheapest bus companies in Europe .

If you want to travel by train, you must buy a Interrail ticket. I strongly recommend you do this. So from now on, what is Interrail, how it works, what are its advantages, where it is valid, etc. I tell them all.

11. What is Interrail?

“What an Interrail, brother. I know you said. I’m bored of writing for two hours. But okay I’m going to the point now …

What is Interrail : I said there is no limit above! The same goes for train transportation. According to the agreement made between these countries, with the purchase of a single ticket, you can provide access to trains in all member countries.

So the situation is as follows; you go to the institution and get your ticket. The number you will pay for this ticket may be 264 euros, 626 euros. So the more money you give, the longer you can walk around.

I will mention the prices below. But if you want to take a look at my interrail ticket post.

12. In which countries is the Interrail valid?

In the photo below, the men stated in which countries they apply individually. As you can see, this system is valid in almost all of Europe.

13.In which countries does Interrail not apply?

This Interrail does not have to be made up of European Union member states or Schengen member states. I’il tell you that.

For example, members of the InterRail program in Turkey. So it goes for us. But the Baltic countries (Estonia-Latvia-Lithuania), Albania are not members of this program.

14. How does the border crossing in non-EU countries?

For example, Turkey. We are not members of this union. That’s why you’re taking the train. They bring you by train to the Kapıkule border. You land there.

After completing your visa procedures at the border, you enter into the borders of the European Union. After you enter the train now in Bulgaria.

15. Where can we obtain the Interrail ticket?

In fact, this business has an official agency and website in Europe. Official website Interrail.Eu . However, instead of buying from this site, you can also go directly to TCDD or get it from Gençtur which is the most important youth company in our country.

In fact, everything is explained in detail in all of these sites. But I’m gonna keep telling you.

16. How much is this Interrail ticket price?

This is the first question people have ever asked. How much does it cost? Not where to go or not. How much will it cost? So I’m going to make you routes and tell you how much it’s gonna cost.

Now sir, as I mentioned above, these tickets are valid almost everywhere except a few countries. It’s valid, but it depends on how many days you will stay and which class ticket you buy. There are 2 kinds of classes. One is grade 1 and the other is grade 2. What they call 1st class is better quality wagons and better quality seats.

2nd grade poor. So it’s ours. But don’t look at the poor. The comfort you call poor in the northern countries isn’t on the airplanes. So don’t hang out too much. Choose whichever budget allows you.

Another criterion is your age. It is worth doing until the age of 26. Because it’s about 30% cheaper. For those over the age of 26 without discount price. There are also prices that are over 60 years old. The room was about 10% cheaper.

The other criterion, I think, is the most important. You know, the plan is two hours. Now the real work begins. Listen up.

The guys did something like that if you use these tickets for so many days, you pay for them. And they said, if you want it to be everywhere, it’s only in those countries.

They said to see him everywhere. They also classified these price criteria by themselves. In addition, the most important one is unlimited, which you want to take the train they said thousand. They named it Global Pass. I’d better show you a list first.

Now the following table comes from; The part that says Flexi (5 days in 10 days or 10 days in 22 days) means that you can use 5 days for 10 days from the date your train ticket starts in all Interrail member countries. You will write it on the ticket they give you by filling in the blanks they leave for you to note your trip.

In the meantime, when you buy the ticket for all tickets (Flexi has become global does not matter) you have to specify. So let’s say that the ticket you get will start on July 1st.

From 1 July to 10 July, you will not be charged for 5 days. Imagine getting on the first train on July 1st. From that moment on every day you ride and you will write the train code to that ticket.

If you do not, you will have to pay the penalty if the officers notice you during the ticket check. No, I’m not dealing with anything like this, you’re always getting valid.

You can travel by train for the time limit that is valid. For example, if you buy a valid 15-day ticket, you can take the train you want between July 1 and July 15.

I think the Interrail is starting to take shape in your mind. Let’s get to the other options. The ticket I mentioned above was a valid pass, which is the Global Pass. He’s the most expensive. It was therefore a valid ticket in all member countries. There are also ticket types that are valid only in certain countries. Let’s talk about them.

For example, 3 days in a month (Flexi) means, France-Germany and the UK will be valid and only 3 days in a month you will have the right to use. There are so many classes.

After that, logic is always the same. Now you can get your ticket from the sites I gave you according to the country you are going to, and you can take your route according to your available day situation.

I’ve also shown the price list with classifications by other countries. Hopefully it benefits your business.

17. Is this Interrail ticket valid only on trains?

No it is not. For example, you can use this ticket on some ferries. They will send you all the information about where the ticket is used.

From there you can look at the points on your route. It’s good to imagine!

18. Will I have to pay extra fees?

It will be. The following; Let’s take a night train from Barcelona to Paris. These trains reach the city in about 8 hours. People should not be disturbed, constantly changing the seats in case you want to leave a certain seat you can give 3-5 euro to buy that seat. I don’t remember the exact figures but it wasn’t too expensive.

After you leave that seat, you have the right to remove it, even if someone is sitting in that seat. Because at the heart of Interrail, there are no seats assigned to you. You will be entitled to travel on that train and to sit in the appropriate seat.

If you want to reserve a seat on the routes you are going to, you can pay for these extra reservation fees and you can have the seat without fear of being removed from your seat.

19. Transport’s over. European continent accommodation recommendations?

As I said, I will already be writing your estimated costs for all cities and countries on the pages of the respective countries. In terms of making a reservation, I have roughly stated the web sites I use. Click here for the web sites I use for accommodation.

But let me give you a quick summary. Accommodation in Europe was the part where we spent the most money except for the Balkan and Baltic countries. Cities like Rome-Paris-Stockholm-Bergen-Oslo are at the expense of firing. Especially in these days when the euro is over 3 lira (2015), I think it has reached even more absurd figures.

So if you’re after adventure, go stay in hostels. Already you will probably come to sleep only at night. Or, you know, come for a shower. But if you’re going with your girlfriend or partner, then the choice will still be on your budget.

I recommend you to book quite in advance, especially in the summer, just in case you leave. Both the prices can increase very, very much and the chance of finding a suitable place can be reduced. It’s from me …

20. Eating and drinking in European continent countries?

The best part. I think everything in Europe is quite nice except breakfast in the morning. If you like beer, you can taste beer in many countries and taste the most popular cuisines in the world.

E.g; Don’t go back to Rome without eating roma ice-cream-pizza-pasta-roasted beef ( you can even look at my post about what to eat in Italy .)

Be sure to taste the famous paella and seafood in Barcelona. Eat potato fries in Amsterdam. Taste seafood dishes in Norway.

For beer in the Czech Republic and Germany. Eat chocolate in Brussels. Taste the pizza in Montenegro. Eat seafood and taste local beers and drinks on the beaches of the wonderful islands in Greece. In a nutshell, these things come to mind. Do not worry. I explained in detail what to eat, what to drink according to each city and country I went to.

21. What are the ways to travel around the European continent?

First of all, you should stay at the Hostel for accommodation. It is a very nice social environment and you can cost more affordable. You can make your transportation quite convenient by interRail, you can wander freely from there. I also say especially for students; Apply for an ISIC card (International Student Identity Card).

This is a student card. If you’re not a student, you can’t. You will benefit from discounted museums and restaurants all over the world. It was very useful for us. Whether or not the problem is valid in advance in each place you go.  Click here  for ISIC’s official website

Student and backpacker (with backpack) in the minds of a little to bring cheap ways; Try to travel at night. If you have an Interrail ticket, book night trains and travel comfortably and save on accommodation.

Stay in a hostel. Take care of your meals at these Hostel, where you can sometimes shop at the convenience store. You won’t be alone.

Young friends like you from around the world will be at your desk. The fused. Meet. Do not hesitate. For a drink in parks, on the streets, or in a hostel where you will stay before going to places.

Well, very nice environments. If you take this into account, if you travel in a planned way, you can cost everything for 30-40 euros per day (except for Interrail-flight tickets and visa procedures).

Let’s stay for the hostel even when it came to expensive. Then do Couchsurfing. You didn’t see any of it. Go lie on the bench on the beach. I am 25 years old now. Maybe he’s passing us slowly. From now on, I look at the quality of the hotel, the best restaurant in town.

But if there is one thing I know, the pleasure I got as a backpacker 3-4 years ago when doing these trips, believe me, I’m not getting that much right now. So I would make these suggestions again if I told you again…

22.Europe Continent The Result of My Adventure?

Having a Schengen visa, which is not as difficult as it is exaggerated, is not so difficult to taste freedom. It’s not that hard to go to the cities of your dreams, to the countries where there are structures that are the subject of films, after three or five of the budgetary events. You should know this first.

It is very easy to get a visa from countries like Italy and Greece. Starting in these countries, you can open your eyes freely in Rome, like birds, and close your eyes in Paris.

I hope these European travel tips and suggestions I have told you will help. I have been able to answer some question marks that may occur in your mind. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

As much as I can, the articles I have written about the countries on the European continent will help you when you go to the cities you dream of. The most beautiful days, moments are the holidays. I wish you a pleasant journey in advance.