Love at first sight is unlikely for Montevideo. They should be surprised by their architecture, from European cities, from countries in the Far East whose originality affects them, or to themselves like Cuba, “Is another world possible?” Your Montevideo tour will never be like this again. On the contrary, it is very likely that you will not find it very impressive the first time you see it. But then something strange happens, you start meeting people, talking, observing those around you. Then everything will change. They say, “Well, if I love this place for reasons other than stone, soil, museum or building,” they say. These phrases can be quite abstract if you haven’t set foot there yet. So let’s continue with our article on the order, system and Uruguayan people so that what we are talking about makes a little more sense. If you want to travel to another city while in Uruguay, you can also visit our Colonia del Sacramento travel guide, which we have added to our list of the most beautiful cities in the world. So we can praise Uruguay together.

The theme here is different, Montevideo Travel Guide kisses your hands!

When to go to Montevideo

If we look at this problem not only in Montevideo but also in Uruguay, the most important thing we need to know is that it is summer in our hemisphere in winter. Applying this contrast to all other seasons will make it easier to determine when is the right time to travel to Uruguay. Yes, our knowledge still works in primary school. Is it good to use?

Summer in Uruguay: It is very hot in Uruguay in December-January-February. You can even add November and March to this trio. As we visit the city during this period, we can provide accurate information, the temperature reaches 30 degrees during the day and can be unbearable in some places. However, in the afternoon the weather tends to be a little cooler and can last as long as you wear a wool coat. Therefore, we can recommend you to go during the summer months. We remind you that although the city is a little more empty, it is possible that many facilities have been closed since you left for summer vacation. If you’re determined to set foot in Uruguay at the time, head to Punta del Este, known as the “City of Holidays” in South America. When you get angry, “WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE IN MONTEVIDEO?” You may say. Who is there.

Winter in Uruguay. There are rumors that Uruguay is always warm and sunny. Whoever touched upon the subject should come here and tell us as Master. There is no such thing, folks. In June, July and August, temperatures drop to 10 degrees Celsius, winters rise, summer holidays become HURARs (not a strange word), young Uruguayan people create hurricanes in their closets at the request of their mothers. From what we learned there, although the winters were not rainy and had a lot of daylight, the cold was quite strong due to its geographical location. For this reason, it is useful to choose clothes to wear.

Spring and autumn periods: split periods can be a good idea to visit Montevideo. It is best to bring an umbrella with you as the chance of rain is higher during these periods than in summer and winter periods. We said that the nights are a little cooler in the summer months and the intermediate nights can be cooler.

Montevideo Budget

Remember your friend above spreading the rumor that the weather is always nice in Uruguay? There is also a version available to all South American countries. We’ll find these two and talk like a teacher. Because there is no such situation. In fact, many travelers consider Montevideo an expensive city. We would like to elaborate a little bit on the budget so that you are not surprised.

  • For clarity, we are giving the currency in US dollars, not the Uruguayan peso.

Water: about 0.80 – $ 1

Main meal in a regular restaurant: $ 9-15 ($ 15 can be considered a giant steak)

Tea / coffee: about $ 2-3

Beer: $ 2-4

Single bus ticket: about $ 1.

Transport in Montevideo Uruguay

Getting to Montevideo

Check whether you’ve noticed, there’s no direct flights from Turkey to Montevideo. Therefore, if you think it will be a very long flight, you have to consider the not so bad docking options. At least get off the plane and go. At this point, you have a few options. If you say I’m not surprised, I know whether you will take a THY flight from the mainland to Buenos Aires and then go from Buenos Aires to Montevideo by sea bus. Having other airlines can take you to Europe and fly direct flights from any city to Montevideo. So, the choice is yours. If you take the water bus in Buenos Aires, the two main companies are Buquebus and Seacat. Some flights go directly to Montevideo, others stop at Colonia del Sacramento, another city in Montevideo, Uruguay. You can decide according to the time and price situation. If you say I have nothing to do with Buenos Aires and you want to go to Montevideo from another city in South America, you can travel to Montevideo with our favorite LAN Airlines.

Transport in Montevideo

Montevideo is a small city. Also, the places you visit and see are mostly close to each other. This allows you to easily explore places of interest on foot from each other. However, of course, there will be times when you will have to use public transport. At this point, it would be more convenient for us if we say that everything is fine in the transportation network and will run late.

Bus: You can go almost anywhere in the city by bus. You don’t need to be very clear about where to buy your tickets, as you can pay the driver when you get on the bus.

Taxi: Although there are taxi rumors in South America such as “don’t go up, all organs will disappear”, Uruguay is safer in this as it is in all matters. It is also convenient for you to use as it is absolutely inexpensive. It may be strange to have a window between a taxi driver and a customer, but we were rare because we were stuck inside. It is an application designed for the safety of the taxi driver and customer. He says it works and we’ll all get used to it.

Uruguay: Accommodation in Montevideo

Actually, you have two options to spend the night in Montevideo. You live in the city center, center or Pocitos area. As I said, this is a small town and places to visit, eat and drink are mainly spread over these two regions. We think it makes sense to be on the side of Pocitos, and there are several reasons for that. The first is the safest area in Montevideo. Yes, Uruguay can be considered the safest place among all other South American cities, but it is still more problematic than Pocitos at night because it is the most suitable area for tourist hunting. Second, restaurants and bars you might like are mostly concentrated in Pocitos. The residents of the center are full of tourists or close after a certain hour because the crowd goes to Pocitos and Rambla. Since transportation in Montevideo is very easy, you can always reach the center of Pocitos.

We stayed at Meritt Montevideo Apart & Suites, which we can call “the best of the bad” because we did not break the house rental tradition and could not find great options in Montevideo. This does not mean that it is the home of our dreams, but it has proven to be very successful in terms of location, transportation and hygiene. In addition to this, both apartments have their own balcony, as well as a beautiful roof terrace and a jacuzzi we suspect is a bit overwhelmed.

Montevideo Attractions

Places worth seeing in Montevideo are not on the permanent list. On the contrary, if you want to get to know the city only from a touristic point of view, you can do a lot in 2 days. Montevideo is my middle name… “You can sign a contract from November to November. If you want to know and love Uruguay, we would definitely go to its people, not to its stones, land, architecture, and museum, and we will always say it. After meeting his people, he doesn’t worry that Montevideo is unfortunately not that impressive. Just because we said that, it is clear that you will not manage to write a guide to Montevideo and a story about what to see in Montevideo.

Plaza Independencia MontevideoPlaza Independencia

In English, Plaza de la Independencia, Plaza de la Independencia, the heart and most touristic area of ​​Montevideo. It can be considered that all tourists who are not very touristy in Montevideo are affected by a mysterious force. The most interesting building in the square is undoubtedly Palacio Salvo. Yes, we’re talking about this tall building (once the tallest building in South America) and excellent architecture. The building was designed as a hotel, but currently consists mainly of offices. The mausoleum in the middle of the square belongs to Artigas. Artigas is known as the national hero, ancestor and founder of Uruguay. His mausoleum was in the middle of the most famous places.

Considering that the square is one of the central points of the city, many of the city’s main major streets naturally lead here. One side leads to Avenida 18 de Julio, which can be considered the main street of the city, and the other to Sarandí, where you will likely fall several times. If you walk down the street in Buenos Aires, you will see Teatro Solís, the oldest and most important theater building in Uruguay.

  • For breakfast and lunch, you can choose Café Jacinto in Sarandi 349. You can also exchange money at Sarandi points.
  • When we return to talk about food and drink in Montevideo, don’t forget to visit Estrecho in Sarandi 460. The restaurant only opens between 12:00 and 16:00 and the menu changes every day. There are a lot of people here and there are no decorations on the table, you sit on stools and have a quick snack. Good local environment, you like it.

Constitution Plaza

Another square you will enter while walking from Plaza Independencia towards Sarandí is Plaza de la Constitución. Make no mistake, it’s also called Plaza Matriz. The old people usually sit on benches in the middle of the green area, we will not hide the street musicians who bring joy to the environment and yes we love the homeless Uruguay in the corners. The most striking structure of this square is of course Montevideo Cathedral. If you are interested, you can go inside and take a walk.

Torres Garcia Uruguay

If you are keen on meeting Uruguayan artists like us, you will discover that Torres García is one of the most famous before taking to the street. Since he is a world-famous artist, we had the opportunity to know his other works in other countries beforehand, but we came here with great excitement as we did not have a special museum for him. The museum is not that big. We think it has 7 floors, but only 3 floors are used as exhibition space. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to understand Garcia’s life stories, as there are no audio guides or explanations in English. We think it is worth visiting. In addition to his abstract works, do not miss the episode where he works with portraits of famous thinkers, people and artists who have left their mark on history!

-Address: Sarandi 683 is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

  • The place frequented by names such as Café Bacacay, Eduardo Galeano and José Mujica on Bacacay street in front of the museum. You can talk to the cafe owner without hesitation, tell us which table Galeano is always sitting on, memories of Mujica etc. Told. He is a very sweet and talkative person. Mujica usually visits him once or twice a week and often with his wife. He sat in the corner and buried himself in the newspaper, but especially when he was president, many people came to speak and interview with him and did not send anyone. How do I dislike this Ulan? But. By the way, you might think of a cafe as a cool place when you mention these names, but that’s not the case, it’s a faceless cafe.

Uruguay National Museum of History

If you want to learn about Uruguay’s history like we do, visit the National History Museum. However, you are likely to find many addresses. You will be confused trying to find out who to meet by asking people around you where the museum is. You will find that people are even more confused and you will stand up as a result. To prevent this from happening to you, we did this for you, but we didn’t give up and managed to find out which is the main building, Casa de Rivera! Entrance to the museum is free, but the situation here is even sadder, there is nothing in English in the museum. So they stay and “Who could this brother be?” They argue. If you want to see and speak Spanish, please tell us what happened and what not when you get back.

Montevideo Rambla

Rambla is the name of the Montevideo beach. It actually covers a very large area, it can be said that it surrounds Montevideo, but the part that is particularly appreciated by the public can be regarded as part of Ciudad Vieja, that is, not far from the old town. Here you will find many people who run, slide, go on a matinee, take a walk during the day, and are very active in this area. If you go to Pocitos, you will reach the part of the Rambla where people swim, sunbathe and feast on the beach. If you are interested, here you will find the Montevideo course, where you can climb left and right and take pictures. The Pocitos side of Rambla is also very active at night. Live youth groups, and eating ice cream out of the family together, of course, Turkey will be a dark part of the south, pleasant atmosphere.

We do not recommend you to go to very dark and desolate areas of this place. Because there are so many drunk and homeless siblings here, especially at night. Anyway, the police are usually in the crowd.


Pocitos is known as the “upper part” of Montevideo. It is clear that there is not such a crazy abyss as that of Uruguay, but we cannot say that it does not exist yet because there is an uncontrolled class division everywhere. This is one of the most logical places in terms of accommodation and night time. While the water doesn’t look very attractive, Pocitos is where people swim, sunbathe and play volleyball on the beach. Therefore, it can be said that it is more active, especially in summer.

Travel to Montevideo While ready to go to Montevideo;

You can visit two museums of contemporary art, Museo Arte Contemporáneo and Museo Nacional de Artes Visuales, where we cannot spare time despite our great interest.
You can stay in Parque Rhodo, one of Montevideo’s largest city parks. We walked like this, it has a beautiful lake, you can rent a boat or something.
You can visit the Palazzo del Parliament, which is impressive with its architecture, and say, “Wow, we didn’t take any security measures while entering here, it’s Halal.” Guided tours are also offered if you are interested.
When you go shopping in Montevideo, you are desperate for the Montevideo Mall and the whole city. While we were there, we visited Forever 21. Because you must be a white girl in your 20s.
We could not attend, we would appreciate it if you leave a comment. Uruguay Municipal Library National Library, Av. 18 years old according to Julio.

  • Brazilian Coffee: are you coming or going here? Eduardo Galeanos, Mujica is gone, gone, okay? Apart from this part of the work, the environment is beautiful, the food is delicious and there is no sweeter alternative than lunch in the center. Don’t forget to look at the pictures on the wall!
  • Tandori: Tandori is definitely one of the best options in town, especially for dinner. Don’t worry, you don’t need to eat meat anymore. And a quick note: Book as late as possible to avoid eating at leisure.
  • Bar 62: Whatever you do at night, whatever you do, Bar 62 is a good choice. The only problem is that there are always lots of people here and most of the waiters pretend to speak English, but actually speak a mixed language. You may have to wait a long time to find a place.
  • Le Fleur: Good cafe near Porto Market. The hosts are a lovely couple, let’s say they understand you, sit and talk for hours when it gets dark, you know. You can also have an afternoon coffee or beer in the cafeteria.