You like shopping, right? Mine is also a question! After all, who does not like shopping ! New clothes, squeaky shoes, trendy dresses, bags and more… No doubt you like shopping like everyone else. So, what form of action do you prefer, which is generally thought to make the person happy? Okay okay! I ask you if you like online shopping . So I want to find out how much you prefer this fun, affordable and affordable business .

Yeah, how about you? Are you still one of those who prefer shopping in familiar ways ? Or is it a fan of shopping in the virtual environment ? Do you think it is more attractive to shop anywhere you want? Or do you find it fun to go to your home with bags and bags full of bags? Sir? Yeah yeah! Of course , you may be using two methods . After all; Now your preference doesn’t have to be in a certain direction in order to listen to what I have to say. So regardless of which group you belong to, you need to learn certain things about online shopping , which is getting more popular day by day. To be more specific, I will examine the benefits and harms of shopping on the internet, which we will talk about right now. After all; even if not now (most likely) you will soon be one of the online shoppers

We can list the advantages of online shopping as follows:

You save time

Isn’t it one of the most important problems of today, not catching up with the speed of time! Of course, it is! Most people keep moving between home-work or home-school. Many people complain that when they do not have time to scratch their head because of the density. At this point, online shopping runs to our rescue, so to speak. Because one of the biggest advantages of online shopping is that it saves us a lot of time! After all, we don’t even need to take steps to shop online. Moving our fingers is enough to take advantage of this great convenience. So you see; There is no place for online shopping to shop around, find what you are looking for, run from there to minutes, go to shopping malls, wait for queues at the checkout and so on!

You tireless!

Not only do you save time on online shopping , but you also don’t get tired physically or mentally. Because with a single movement of your finger, you instantly encounter countless types of products, you do not have to visit the aisles to find what you want. It is enough to write what you are looking for while shopping online, to find it in seconds. Also, since you do not experience the try-and-take products section, you do not set up sentences like “I found everything I wanted but I died and finished” . In addition to all this, you do not feel like a truck has passed over you as you are free from the crowd of stores and the chaos of people who are shopping like crazy .

You can shop anytime, anywhere

At home, at work, at school, on the road, in the park, at lunchtime, at the bank … In short, you can shop anytime, anywhere. When shopping online , you do not think about the problems like “store will be closed, no more will be opened” . In a blind of the night, you can take your phone and shop freely. While waiting in the queue at the bank, did you have a need to think of? You can write what you are looking for and start shopping instantly. Imagine; 24/7 shopping pleasure! Could there be something better for a shopper?

There are countless different options!

Another advantage of online shopping is the wide range of products in the virtual environment! There are countless different options in e-commerce where you can find anything you want. This advantage should definitely be taken into consideration especially for those who live in small cities. Because, unfortunately, people who cannot find places to shop outside a few brands make unforced choices. However, every product of every brand can be found in a virtual environment.

You Can Be Informed Much Easier Than Campaigns

You can only see the discounts up to the percent of the store windows, if you pass by them. In an other saying; In the typical shopping method, you have to make some effort to follow the discounts and campaigns. However, this is not the case with online shopping! This is one of the biggest advantages of shopping on the internet anyway! Because e-commerce websites announce the discounts and campaigns of brands to their customers much more comfortably. Mails sent to e-mail addresses, advertisements made on social media, and more, definitely attract attention of online shopping lovers during the day.

The disadvantages of online shopping are:

No Chance To Try The Products Or See It Live

Maybe this is why you do not prefer online shopping too! Because this is one of the most important reasons that prevents most people from shopping online! In other words, consumers refrain from shopping online because they cannot try or see the product they are purchasing. In fact, this is a very reasonable reason. After all, a dress that you see and like on the screen may not look good on you. Or, when you put on the body of the product you ordered, it may mislead you. Or the product you receive may not be closely related to the product you see on the e-commerce site. All of these can easily be described as a disadvantage of online shopping.

You Cannot Have Product Instantly

Another disadvantage of online shopping is that you don’t have the product you bought right away! After all, you need to wait an average of 1 to 5 days for the product to arrive. This does not work for many consumers . Especially for impatient customers, these waiting times become a kind of torture. Do you want to call the cargo company every day, do you say they run to every door that knocks “this is my definite order this time”, I don’t know what you think anymore. But you have to admit that this waiting event is really annoying.

When You Have Any Trouble, You Cannot Find an Instant Solution to Your Problem

If you are shopping online, you have probably encountered a similar problem. When your order is wrong, when the wrong product is sent, in short, when you need to contact the company, you have not found someone to contact you. Or you have submitted your complaint to the e-commerce site but have not received any response . Even if you bought it, it was too long for you. In short, I mean, another disadvantage of online shopping is that you cannot find an instant solution to a possible disruption in e-commerce sites! But successful e-commerce sites take care of this issue and thus reveal their differences.

You may experience disappointment!

Maybe when you see the product you have been waiting for for days, you may experience disappointment . Your dreams may fall into the water when that dress you like does not stand on you like the model. Or what you get with excitement, if you get it in a damaged way, you will get the same disappointing result . As you can see, another disadvantage of online shopping is that you may be disappointed.

You Must Be Cautious About Security

Another disadvantage of e-commerce sites for customers is the security problem! After all; When shopping on the internet, you have to give a number of important information from your card numbers to your home-work address information. And this is undoubtedly an opportunity for scammers online .

That is why it is almost vital for online shoppers to choose reliable e-commerce sites . So, dear readers and fans of online shopping, if you do not want to share your information with malicious people, please do not forget to make sure that the site you are shopping on is reliable.