I think we can say that it is the biggest and most important shopping of your life to buy a house, right? After all; You will pay a large amount for the place where you will spend the rest of your life, and perhaps you will pay the debt of the house you have purchased over the years. So, if you are not an investor with millions of dollars or something, buying a house cannot be an ongoing action. That’s why; We can easily say that your idea of ​​buying a house will be one of the most important decisions of your life.

Yes, we know that many young people are struggling to have a home today and a considerable number has achieved it. As you know, rental fees are really burning. Naturally, young people tend to invest in their own home rather than paying so high rents . Indeed, in this way, they make the right decision. After all; While the rentals paid every month have no return to the person, this money is no different from the money that is thrown away , while the payments made for housing mean that the person invests for his own house every month! For this reason, young people who think logically start their payments early and want to have a house as soon as possible . Well, do you know the common mistakes made when implementing this decision? Do you realize that especially young people are more inclined to have regret later when they own a dwelling?

Okay, there is no problem when we talk about it! It makes much more sense for people to pay for their own home rather than paying rent! It makes sense to be logical, but at this point, young people can make mistakes. Whether it is because of their inexperience , viewpoint of life, enthusiasm or haste, young people make obvious mistakes when buying a house . Afterwards, they have regrets, maybe they have to live in homes where they will not love. That’s why; I wanted to emphasize the points that young people who want to have housing should pay attention to . Thus, you cannot be one of the young people who make mistakes when buying a house, you can enjoy your new living space for many years.

Here are the obvious mistakes that young people make when buying a house, which you should be careful about:

Not Waiting for the Lease Agreement to End!

Okay, you may feel financially ready to buy a house. You may have found the job you want, maybe you have found the right person for you and got married, you have reached the target point in your career, in short, you have made the material preparation you want. But before you roll up the sleeves to buy a house, you should consider the rental agreement for the house you are currently living in. Because many young people have to pay money to the ground, forgetting the subject of the lease. Sometimes they can even be sued with the landlord. Okay, there are some homeowners who are savvy about it, but you should speak in advance so as not to risk your business. You should make sure that the landlord has no problems with moving, by looking at how long your contract is due to expire.

Looking at Other Features of the House rather than its Quality!

You will start looking at the house, but do you know how to proceed? So you will go to the relevant websites and look at all the options that you come across to find the house you will buy. Of course not! At this point, what you need to do is to determine the qualities of the house you want to buy !

In other words, you should take the paper in your hand and write down the specific characteristics of the house (price range, type, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, floor, age of the apartment, location, facade, etc.) one by one. Because many young people are excited when buying a house and look at other properties rather than the properties of the house. By looking at how popular a site or location is, how luxurious it is built, what class of people are around, it goes far beyond its needs. Here you should not do this. You should not be tempted by the charm of the house that you will buy and ignore the main features that make it home.

Loving the look and ignoring its position

I know I mentioned this above, but since the location of the house to be purchased is very important, I wanted to mention the issue separately. Because young people make the most mistakes about location when buying a house. Since they love the house, they ignore how convenient their location is for them.

Housing; They do not think how close they are to their workplaces, their families, the people who are interviewed, their children’s schools, other necessary places (hospital, shopping mall, supermarket etc.). Then they naturally have trouble. They travel for hours every day to go to and from work, always having to drive to meet their needs. This results in both time wasting and unnecessary transportation costs. So young people; You should not forget the fact that the location of the house you will purchase will affect you in many different ways.

Making Mistakes About Using Mortgage!

Let’s come to the subject credit issue! Because this is among the issues that young people often make mistakes! The young people who find the house they want to buy are hurrying not to miss the house or to have it as soon as possible. From the first bank he went to (which is usually a salary or a permanent bank), he turns to using credit. It acts without thinking too much about interest rates, terms, installments, extra costs and other details.

Although the difference between the interest rates of the banks can be considered, since the amount to be drawn will be high, the difference between the rates can be large in the long run. That’s why; Before using a mortgage loan, you should do detailed research. You must make sure that the bank gives the full value of the house. You should choose the institution that offers you the most suitable opportunities.

Exceeding the Amount to be Paid Too Much!

This is another mistake made by young people about buying a house! So behave erratically! To think that you can easily pay the loan amount of the house without fully calculating the earnings and expenses! Or buying houses in higher numbers than cursory calculations with cursory calculations! After all, if you do not want to make such mistakes, and want to pay your installments regularly and comfortably, you should make sure that you are doing your account well.

If you are going to use credit, you must decide the installment options correctly. You should set the term correctly. You should determine the amount of payment not to exceed your height and of course you should prefer the house that is in the price range that best suits your budget. Otherwise, it makes no sense to buy a 5-liter ultra-luxury house instead of a 3-liter house and suffer financially!

Just thinking about the purchase price of the house

Another mistake made by young people who are inexperienced and do not do enough research is that they only think about the purchase price of the house! To put it more clearly; housing dues, administrative expenses, mandatory renovation costs, garden maintenance fees, concierge services, subscriptions and similar things are not considered much by young people. In other words, the young person who buys the house does not calculate that such additional expenses will be paid over the loan amount he / she will pay every month. E.g; The person who thinks that he will pay 700 lira for his house every month is faced with 900 lira and naturally suffers. That’s why; I suggest you to think about the expenses you may encounter besides the purchase price of the house. Zero house also means cost.

Not insuring the house

Okay, home owners using a mortgage may be lucky in this regard. But not everyone is buying a house by getting a mortgage loan! There are also young people who have money on the sidelines, who sell another property, buy a lot of money, or take home with the support of their family.

That’s why I wanted to talk about home insurance. Because many people do not care about insuring the house. Especially young people who think that “whatever is a safe site, what could be new anyway?” Enter into huge financial losses when faced with any setbacks. So you see; You should pay a little more attention to the place that will be the biggest investment of your life and you should not force yourself to make thousands of lira expenses while calculating 3-5 cents.

Not Taking Advantage Of Expert Opinion!

Okay, you have the conditions to buy a house, but how much experience do you have? After all; you will most likely pay the highest burden in your life or enter the biggest debt. So I’m asking how reasonable would it be to take this big step alone? If I should explain more clearly; When you buy a house, you won’t have a chance to give it back. Or when you regret, you won’t be able to comfort yourself with words like “yes, I made a bad choice but it doesn’t matter.” After all, what you get is not a sweater or trousers! You will pay for the place where you will spend a whole life, and you will undertake thousands of lira debts.

Long story short; I suggest that young people who do not want to make a mistake about buying a house should consult a real estate agent or people who are experts in the same field. Because they will take all necessary precautions to properly enlighten you on all the issues you are wondering, not to get ripped off, or even worse.