We’ve put together everything you need to know to plan your trip to Thailand on a tablet: What kind of trip can you expect? What cities to visit, where to prioritize, the best beaches, the best time to travel to Thailand, what to do according to your interests, nightlife, schedules and of course cost, we have gathered them all:

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Cheap, vibrant, exotic, young and alive
Whether you are looking for luxury or hiking, Thailand is a country that can satisfy all tastes and expectations. Families send everyone home with big smiles, from couples looking for romance to college students. But the truth is that the best age to live in Thailand is 20 years old. Because people over 20 come here from all over the world. They represent a significant percentage of the tourist population. Tourism is highly developed in this country, it is a place where those with little experience abroad will feel at ease.

If you’re a tourist looking for interesting and authentic places to visit, Thailand’s popularity, amenities, and crowds can be frustrating. In this case, you may prefer Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai-Pai-Mae Hongson pages). It will also be very interesting to move to Burma from there and continue.

Famous islands and beautiful beaches

Perhaps the best part of Thailand is that there are islands and beaches that are suitable for both sea lovers and activists. Phi Phi Islands, Ko Pha Ngan, Koh Samui, Ko Tao, Ko Lanta, Phuket … some are perfect for diving, some for a luxury vacation, some for parties. They all agree that they have a beautiful turquoise sea.

Great dive sites

We encourage you to add yourself to your list of things to do in Thailand. Because there are excellent dive sites for both beginners and professionals. The prices of the courses are also acceptable for those who have never tried it, for those who want to dive or obtain a diving license. There are many diving schools on the island of Koh Tao on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, especially for beginners. Surin and the Similan Archipelago, on the shores of the Andaman Sea, are considered one of the best dive sites in the world. The island of Koh Krandan is ideal for diving every day.

A paradise for adventure and outdoor activities

Thailand is a paradise for outdoor activities! From swimming in deep blue plankton to learning Muay Thai, safaris in national parks where tigers still live, to stunts in a circus, these are all different and exciting activities. November is a great time to go rafting and hiking the falls. March marks the start of the kitesurfing season. Hua Hin is very popular for kitesurfing, Pranburi, Phuket, Krabi for rock climbing. In Koh Tao, Sanghlaburi, Pattaya, there are many adventure parks where tourists can swing like a monkey in the trees. Kanchanaburi is also famous for kayaking and zip lining.

Center of History and Culture

Ancient ruins, Buddhist temples and shrines are the main cultural assets of the entire country. There are many magnificent religious buildings throughout the country. A guided tour of the Sukhothai and Ayutkhan ruins, both on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a classic. The best examples of Buddhist architecture can be found in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, the heart of the monarchy.

In our opinion, you should choose where to go in Thailand not by city, but by the experience you want to take, because this is where special and unforgettable experiences are possible. We have listed the most specific activities for this purpose below. Still, we will briefly describe the cities.


Bangkok – metropolitan life. It contains some of Thailand’s most important Buddhist heritage. It is also known for its markets. We’ve given all our tips in our Bangkok travel guide article.
Hua Hin: A holiday destination where the people of Bangkok prefer to escape on weekends due to its proximity to Bangkok, but it’s not an attractive destination if you’re not kitesurfing. There are resorts everywhere, neither beaches nor the sea are worth wasting time. However, if you’re traveling to Bangkok for two days on business, this is the best place to get away from it all.
Koa Sok National Park: What is the sound of a tropical national park safari with wild elephants and tigers?
Phuket – Antalya Thailand. These are the most popular beaches in the country, but although there are many pristine and unspoilt beaches, it didn’t appeal to us much. Because it was a very big and very special city. Station rows. It is also known for its nightlife.
Ko Phi Phi: An island descending from the sky with Leonardo di Caprio beach. The most famous island in the country. So today is Father’s Day. But there are also great things to do here. We’ll explain them all in our Phi Phi Island Guide.
Krabi – This is where the legendary Thai beaches were filmed on billboards and billboards. All the tourists coming to the country are also there. Still, people can find nice corners. Railay is the world’s most popular climbing point, with a sea of ​​white sand and climbing walls. Although it is a peninsula, it remained an institution because it can only be reached by sea.
Pattaya – There is a brothel in Pattaya that we should definitely mention because it doesn’t deserve to be on this list, but unfortunately we can’t pretend it doesn’t exist because it is so popular. … we do not recommend doing this.


There are different types of transport. You can take the bus to Phuket in the following order. But since many of them have little time, they skip Hua Hin and Khao Sok and fly directly from Bangkok to Phuket and there are many of them. You can go from Ferukort to Phuket to Ko Phi Phi, Krabi, Railay. Phuket – Phi Phi takes only 90 minutes by ferry.


To visit this area, you must first come to Chiang Mai. You have three options to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: a 70-minute flight, a 12-hour night train, or an 11-hour bus ride.

Chiang Mai: There is no sea here but in our opinion it is the most beautiful place in Thailand. Incoming tourists are much better than other places. It is also the friendliest place in the country. Also, Thailand is a great place to find activities ranging from cooking classes to elephant care. Some of the country’s most important Buddhist monuments can be found here. We say at least 2 days.
Pai – 60 charged. A quaint hippie town located in the forested mountains of Northern Thailand. There is a world famous motorcycle route that we recommend in the Activities section below. This is one of the stops on the route. 1 day is good. Our article on Pai’s guide will be of great help.
Mei Hong Son – The only reason you go to Mei Hong Son is to visit the Karen tribe, which is famous for taking the motorcycle route you mentioned and stretching their necks in a ring. Information can be found in the Actions section. This route and tour is also very enjoyable but otherwise there is no point in going to Mae Hong Son.


To reach the area, first fly to Koh Samui. He then travels to the islands by ferry. There are daily flights from Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya.

Koh Tao: one of the most popular quiet islands. But of course there are also quieter and more unspoiled places. The best dive sites in Thailand. Also for diving training!

The legendary full moon party takes place in Ko Phangan. If you are under 20, the Full Moon Party may not be for you. You can find our thoughts about him in the activities section. Although not as ambitious as Hua Hin when it comes to kitesurfing, it is one of the most popular destinations in the country.
No Planning Suggestions: In our opinion, you start in northern Thailand and then start in southern Thailand and end in eastern Thailand. If you just want to use a plane; They fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, from Chiang Mai to Phuket, from Phuket to Koh Samui. Airline tickets but also for Turkey.


If you want to read the article without going to Thailand, this should be the place to visit Thailand. It is not enough to emphasize this. In this article, you will discover the best things to do in Thailand and guide all your vacation plans. We also wrote about some of the experiences mentioned in this article:

Thailand’s most beautiful islands and beaches
Thai cooking lessons
The Mae Hong Son cycle is one of the most famous motorcycle routes in the world.
Chiang Mai Flower Festival –
The Karen tribe wears a metal ring around their necks –
Tham Lot cave –
Circus school
Volunteer Elephant Care
Plankton tower
Yeast bay

… We insist on reading more in the article. 

Best season to travel to Thailand
Best time: November to March. Because the monsoon rains stop. The weather is perfect and the vegetation is in top shape. However, during the Christmas season it gets very crowded and expensive.

Not ideal, but good time: April – June and September – October. The weather is very hot, but at least it doesn’t rain. It’s good to have less people here.


We know not everyone likes it, but if you’re open to new flavors, Thai food is truly delicious in the world! The key is the balance between sour, sweet, salty and bitter, which are the four main elements of meals with strong spice and aromatic flavors. The main flavors are tropical fruits, curry noodles, rice dishes and seafood. Meals from Thailand that cannot be returned without meals; Pad Thai, curry (especially if you like spicy green curry), papaya salad, coconut milk banana, mango sticky rice

Adventurers can eat fried insects as snacks on the sidewalk here. 

You can find our restaurant recommendations in every city guide.

Thailand Nightlife

Thailand is also famous for its beach parties, festivals and nightlife. The most popular event by far is the Full Moon Festival, which is held every full moon in Ko Phangan. Phi Phi and Koh Samui are other important party islands. This is the first choice of tourists. Of course, nightlife in big cities is very lively, especially in Phuket and the capital city of Bangkok.


First of all, prices are different in Thailand. The capital, Bangkok, is the most expensive place. The second most expensive places in Phuket and Phi Phi. Pattaya is usually the same size, but we recommend not to include it in your itinerary as it is a resting place for those who climb the flat wall. Street food in Thailand is very popular and delicious among locals and tourists alike. There are no health problems in India. We recommend that even those with limited budget know this culture.

In Chaing Mai, Thailand’s most beautiful and cheapest place, we spent a total of USD 40 for 2 people + hostel accommodation for 3 meals a day. Do not make mistake. This budget is equivalent to the daily cost of a private room in an impromptu location with 3 meals a day for 2 people and a private bathroom. Tours and activities we visited are not included here.

In contrast, prices per person in Bangkok are roughly as follows:

$ – 1500 THB / $ 30-45 (accommodation: guesthouse / boarding house, meal: street food, transportation: public transport, entertainment: beer or two people included)

$$ – 1500-3000 baht / 45-85 dollars (accommodation: hotel, meals: food, transportation: motorcycle rental, entertainment: including parties and drinks)

$$$ – more than 3,000 baht / USD 85 (accommodation: in a boutique hotel, meals: in gourmet restaurants, transportation: car rental, entertainment: including day trips)


Thailand visa is not required.


It is safe to stay in a guesthouse or 5 star hotel as cleanliness is a huge problem in Thailand. In some places things may be old but clean. Since Thailand has a very popular walking culture and is a tourist favorite, you will likely have lots of friends when you throw your bag in your hostel room. But it is difficult to guarantee peace and quiet in hostels located in party venues like Ko Phi Phi and Ko Pha Ngan. In reality, Anglo-Saxons come here to get rid of their lungs.

You can find our accommodation offers in this city in every article.