What makes everyone happy in a relationship is different. But still, those happy couples we see around have certain common features that enable them to take their relationship on track. Their habits are one of them. We present 12 habits of happy couples to you.

1.Providing peaceful solutions to discussions

It is impossible to avoid controversy and small quarrels, no matter how perfect your relationship. Couples with strong relationships also argue, but they also make it easier to deal with problems, as they focus on constructive and negotiating solutions.

2.Spending quality time

Life can be very complicated sometimes. Your career, hobbies, friends and even children can make your already busy life more difficult. But the secret of happy couples is that they strive to spare time and spare time for each other. They are doing their best to spend quality time together.

3.To support mutual development and change

In happy relationships, both sides are eager to see each other develop. They want to make sure that their partners have never missed an opportunity to improve themselves and advance in life.

4.Being honest

Happy couples trust each other and do not want to do anything to jeopardize it. They live honestly and expect their partners to be fair and reliable.

5.Be loyal

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean spending every minute together. In times not to be together, loyalty should be a must, not an option.

6.Respecting the other person as a human

Remembering that you are a bloody living person with hopes and feelings like you is an important part of the relationship. You may not always think that your partner’s tastes are important, but it is very important that you respect him as an individual.

7.Supporting each other in difficult times

In order to always be with your lover in “good day and bad day”, you don’t necessarily have to have a vow of marriage. This rule should be applied to all sound-based relationships.

8.Remembering that all relationships are different

Every relationship is different. If you have had more than one relationship throughout your life, you know that they are all a little different than the other. Therefore, it is very important to bear in mind that you cannot apply the rules and objectives that were valid in your previous relationship to your current relationship.

9.Paying attention to listening

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to listen to you. Smartphones, computers, games and many other factors blind our ability to listen to our attention by giving our full attention. So make a conscious effort to listen to your partner and give yourself a full conversation.

10. Being thoughtful

It has become almost a habit to forget everything and lose ourselves in the flow of time during the period we live in. Behave thoughtfully, such as buying flowers on the way home or surprise your partner with a gift they want. Keep your relationship alive and engaging.

11. Transforming the bad into the good

While it is a little difficult to do, happy couples try to turn bad times into good results by turning the disagreements between them in their favor.

12. Entering realistic expectations about your partner

Or best of all, not to expect any