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How to Clean the Headphones? - Always Woman

How to Clean the Headphones?

Headphones; It has become an indispensable part of our lives with our use at home, on the road, in sports, in short, everywhere. However, as a result of such long and frequent use, the headphones get very dirty. This situation, headphone cleaning It requires us to do the operation on a regular basis. Because the …

How is Perfume Stored? - Always Woman

How is Perfume Stored?

Anyone using perfume how to store perfume wonders the answer to the question. This curiosity is a proper curiosity; because not storing the perfumes in the right conditions means less quantities and disruption of their chemistry. Users, perfume expiry dates they think they will use them without any trouble. But perfume’s biggest enemy is heat …

How is Perfume Tightened? - Always Woman

How is Perfume Tightened?

Fragrance is our most memorable sense. So it is vital to make a good impression. As with the unique smell of man, a perfume can make a difference in the impression. However, the perfumes applied will fly away in a short time and their personality will deteriorate. That’s why how to squeeze perfume must be …

How to Understand Original Perfume? - Always Woman

How to Understand Original Perfume?

How to understand the original perfume or in other words how to tell fake perfume? Sometimes the perfumes that we buy from the street vendor, thinking that they are on sale, may be counterfeit. But with the suggestions we will share a little later, you can prevent the mistake of buying fake perfumes. Why before …

Does Perfume Decay? - Always Woman

Does Perfume Decay?

Perfumes past the expiry date users or perfume storage conditions those who do not know about it have one question in mind; is the perfume spoiled? This is a proper question. Because of perfumes under wrong storage conditions their amount decreases, their chemistry deteriorates, their notes disappear and their fragrance changes. Bride Is the perfume …


20 questions to ask before getting married

Whether you are in a serious relationship to marriage or try to decide on someone you just met, it is useful to question yourself before marriage. We have compiled 20 questions for you to ask yourself before taking the next step. 1.Does this relationship make me better, or make me worse? Does your partner encourage you …


12 Habits of Happy Couples

What makes everyone happy in a relationship is different. But still, those happy couples we see around have certain common features that enable them to take their relationship on track. Their habits are one of them. We present 12 habits of happy couples to you. 1.Providing peaceful solutions to discussions It is impossible to avoid controversy and small …


6 Easy Ways to Improve Relationship

Whether you are in a relationship that lasts for years or meet a new person, sometimes you may have trouble connecting with the person you love. Often the reason for this is not being close enough. When you say “intimacy”, you can immediately think of sexuality. Of course, sexuality is also an important part of being close, but …


Secrets of Being Happy According to Married Couples

Secrets of being happy for married couples Did you know that the definition of deceptive behavior has gradually relaxed over the past 40 years, while the deception rate in US marriages has not increased in the past 20 years? The annual report of the National Marriage Project, run by the University of Virginia, “The Status of …