Whether you are in a serious relationship to marriage or try to decide on someone you just met, it is useful to question yourself before marriage. We have compiled 20 questions for you to ask yourself before taking the next step.

1.Does this relationship make me better, or make me worse?

Does your partner encourage you to improve yourself, or does it scare you of your achievements and taking yourself one step further?

2.Can we really accept each other as we really are?

There are several aspects that everyone wants to change in people in their life. But no one wants to live in a situation where its authenticity is not allowed, and its unique features are not accepted.

3.Who am I?

If you are not sure of your own personality, how can you be sure that your partner is the right choice?

4.Am I happy to be in this relationship?

The idea of ​​sharing life with someone doesn’t mean finding someone who completes or makes you happy. But you have to admit that happiness at home is reflected in other areas of your life. If you are constantly fighting or if your togetherness doesn’t go very well in general, this does not indicate that you should leave immediately (you can try to see a therapist). But marrying a person, hoping that he will change, is a pretty bad idea.

5.Do I feel trapped?

Are you happy to be in this relationship in general or are you looking for a place to run from time to time? Are you continuing it because you spend a lot of time in your relationship or because you are connected to your partner?

6.Am I doing something to block our relationship?

Maybe you need to be more careful or thoughtful, or be more successful in not leaving the negative things behind you. Perhaps you should be the one to come up with the idea of ​​starting a couple therapy. Regardless of the subject, try going a step further.

7.Is our relationship balanced?

Considering the compromises given, the sacrifices made with interest and support, are you both equal? Or is a party always compromising more?

8.Are we having fun together?

Have you ever watched couples sitting opposite each other and eating without talking? Yeah, it’s not fun.

9.Are we having fun when we are alone?

We should not be from couples who travel together like conjoined twins and do not have fun on their own.

10. Why am I in this relationship?

Are you in this relationship because you love your partner, trust and respect or value it, or because you are afraid of being alone, think that you will have money shortage or you want to leave a life behind you?

11. Where does this relationship go?

It is a great feeling to live in the moment, we all agree. But eventually your relationship will need a plan or one of the couples will get tense.

12. Do I really trust my partner?

Some people’s answer to this question can be devastating. If you are one of them, it may be time to think about how to build trust or repair what exists. If there is no trust between you, your relationship will not have a chance.

13. Am I with a good person?

If you knew what you know about your partner from the beginning and were just friends, would you vouch for him on behalf of someone else?

14. Does my partner appeal to me?

Physical attraction may not be the most important factor in a relationship, but you cannot force yourself to be with someone who is not attractive to you just because you are comfortable or everything is very good on paper.

15. Do I feel like a partner or a parent?

While it is a great feeling to show interest and love to someone you love, the moment you start feeling like you are raising a child, there is something wrong.

16. My darling is backing me?

Do you feel like a couple who always supports each other, backs up and looks after you, or does your partner always let you down and act like you are in a different team?

17. Are we on the same road?

Some couples avoid talking about serious matters such as marriage, religion, having a baby, they think that these issues will be solved by themselves. But as time goes on, they realize that this is not the case, and one side (and sometimes both sides) finds themselves trapped.

18. Are we growing together?

We all have the right to grow and develop and to establish a separate life. So, do you and your partner still share the same passions as they grow as individuals?

19. Am I still the same?

Falling in love doesn’t mean giving him the opportunity to change us as he wants. This is valid for all aspects of your personality.

20. What does the voice in me say?

Remember that when you say “I was born”, you are generally right. Listen to yourself.