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Headphones; It has become an indispensable part of our lives with our use at home, on the road, in sports, in short, everywhere. However, as a result of such long and frequent use, the headphones get very dirty. This situation, headphone cleaning It requires us to do the operation on a regular basis. Because the earbuds turn to their germ slots after a while, hoarse voice is starting to give. The headset gives the ear warmth and is in the contact area dirt, bacteria and oil leads to accumulation. Literally how to clean headphone If you are wondering, you can easily clean your headset with the 3 methods we will give you.

iPhone, Samsung or any smartphone headset Whether we will talk now headphone cleaning methods With it you will be able to skillfully clean your headphones. Here both in-ear headphones as well as normal headphones you can use to headphone cleaning methods.

Note: During the headset cleaning process, please disconnect the connection between the headset and your electronic device. Avoid excessive contact of specified fluids with the headphones. This could break the headset’s electronics. Get detailed information about what you should not do by reading the instructions for use. And most importantly, if there is no earphone silicone, do not try to disassemble the earpiece, this may damage the earpiece.

How to clean the headset?

Headset cleaning methods is more than one. You can clean your headphones with peace of mind with the following methods.

Oxygen water and toothbrush headphone cleaning

A small amount of soft cloth or cotton hydrogen perioxide so oxygenated water touch. If your headset has silicones in-ear headphones be sure to remove these parts. With the cloth you prepared, thoroughly wipe the cables and plastic areas of your headphones. If you don’t use a toothbrush With the help of it, scrub the invisible and inaccessible areas. Paper towel With the help of wipe your earpiece and re-attach the silicones.

Cleaning headphones with toothbrush and soapy cloth

If your headset has silicones, remove this area. Dry unused toothbrush or ear litter With the help of lightly rub the oil and dirt in the plastic and metal areas of your headset. An empty one after scrubbing glass wipe bottle small amount into antibacterial liquid soap and put in warm water. Make sure that the mixture is well mixed. Then wipe this headphone off by spraying this mixture onto a soft cloth or cotton. Next paper towel With the help of it, dry your headset and make sure it is completely dry. Then reattach the silicones.

Cleaning headphones with toothbrush and rubbing alcohol

If your headset has silicones, remove this area. Gently rub oil and dirt from the metal and plastic areas of your headset with an old and unused toothbrush. Then take a soft cloth or cotton. Put 2-3 drops of water or spirits on the cotton. Wipe your headphones with spirits or cotton wool. Next paper towel Re-attach the silicones with the help of your headphones by drying them and making sure they are completely dry.

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