How to Prepare a Suitcase? Suitcase Preparation Guide in All Aspects

You have arranged the places you will travel on the trip, your hotel reservation you have your ticket ready; But is your suitcase ready? How to prepare a suitcase If you say, continue reading our article. If you can not fit your clothes in your suitcase, if you constantly forget the most important things, if you do not get what you have to buy, we will talk about it a little later. luggage placement tricks it will make your job much easier. Whether you are traveling abroad, traveling abroad or going on a holiday; luggage placement techniques it is very important and suitcase preparation list must be done literally. We deal with in all aspects luggage preparation guide, how to prepare a suitcase will be the answer to your question literally. Pleasant readings!

How to prepare suitcases & suitcases? What are the things to be aware of?

First of all, let’s consider the situations that you should pay attention to when preparing your suitcase.

Choose your luggage cabin length.

There are dozens of benefits for you to choose your luggage for the cabin. You will be relieved of excessive load while traveling with your luggage; that way you get tired little. In addition, if you do not want to wait for suitcases on plane trips, hand luggage By taking it with you, you can quickly get through the plane journey. also suitcase disappearance You also prevent situations such as. So the small suitcase is advantageous in every respect.

If you are going to travel by plane, you should be aware of them.

If you are going to travel by plane, from aircraft regulation be sure of your knowledge. Because you don’t want to throw your favorite perfume or an electronic device at the airport while passing through the x-ray. It is a fact that many people have such problems because they do not know about the aircraft regulation.

Secure your suitcase.

Always write your name, surname and mobile phone in the label section of your luggage. If you forget or lose somewhere, the most important part for the finder to reach you is the label. Otherwise, it may take a long time to understand who is the suitcase, you may miss your plane, your bus.

Be realistic while preparing your luggage.

Many of us fill our suitcases as they fill. But it is a fact that the clothes and materials taken unnecessarily from the extra do not work for us. We confirm this information at the end of each holiday, but we do this action over and over again. Instead, research and grasp the day, weather or atmosphere of your vacation or trip well. Do not take anything out of these situations with you.

Be aware of how long you will stay.

Be sure to know how many days your holiday is and make a schedule accordingly. Consider a different combination for each day of your trip. Except for the combinations made, buy very few spare clothes.

Keep your handbag with you.

Handbag is a real life saver. It does not fit in a suitcase and you must carry with you phone, cash, passport You can put the items like in your handbag.

Check the weather.

It is very important to know the weather of the destination. So surely weather forecast Make your combinations in this way by learning about.

Luggage placement tricks. How to prepare a suitcase?

Many of us haveAliz placement techniques we don’t get what we want to buy because we don’t know. But this luggage placement tricks will make your job much easier.

• If you do not want the clothes to wrinkle, be sure to put them in the dry cleaning bag.
• You can have a small bag inside the suitcase. This will make your job easier for your excessive loads.
• It will make your job easier to do the placement in a flat and regular way starting from the wheel part.
• You can put clothes such as sweaters, t-shirts, pajamas by roll; will expand this area.
• You can put two straws on the ends to prevent your necklaces from mixing.
• You can prevent dirt from passing on other items by putting your shoes in the bag.
• When preparing your luggage, it is very important to put on less wrinkled and large clothes first.
• Perfume etc. You can put broken cosmetics, such as, in socks. In this way, you can save both space while preventing these items from breaking.
• You can use small vitamin boxes to avoid confusing your rings and earrings.
• To prevent the back and spouses of your earrings from getting lost, you can pass them separately through the two holes of the button.
• You can place socks, deodorants or combs in and between shoes.
• If the pouch cannot be used in quick-wrinkling clothes, it will be quite good to place it on the upper side.
• Categorizing the packaged items will make your job easier.
• If large cosmetic items take up a lot of space, you can take them in small boxes. For example, you can try lens cases for creams.
• You can cover cotton on make-up products to prevent them from breaking.

How to prepare the suitcase preparation list?

Suitcase preparation list creating is a matter of care. Therefore, it is necessary to make inquiries for everything received. Questioning means avoiding many unnecessary things. Primarily items that must have in the suitcase If there is more space left, others should be placed.

Before you prepare your luggage, ask yourself the following questions:

• What should I take?
• When will I wear what I bought and when will I use it?
• How long will I stay on vacation or travel?
• Where is my destination?
• How do I combine the clothes I buy?
• How is the weather of my destination?

Suitcase preparation list:

Suitcase preparation list below general suitcase, personal bag, personal care bag for men, personal care bag for women and things to take for children as you can find. Not every item here is a necessity to buy. The above questions must be asked before buying these items.

In general everyone should have:

• Sports shoes, shoes, boots, boots, slippers (according to the season)
• Pants, t-shirts, blouses, skirts, jackets, shirts, trousers, underwear
• Shorts, swimwear, bikini
• Evening dress, suit
• Sleepwear – nightgown
• socks
• Hats, scarves
• Tracksuit

What should be in the personal bag ?: Tickets and printouts, passport (on international travel), travel health insurance (on holiday abroad), credit card, sunglasses or normal glasses, small-sized flashlight, drugs used regularly, ear plugs, wipes, if the hotel is booked, antibacterial gel, tablet computer, powerbank, mobile phone and headset, chargers, small size sewing kit, neck pillow, lock key of the suitcase, map, small refrigerator bag, locked bag, home keys, beret and gloves If it is winter), books, small notebooks, cameras and equipment, sunscreen cream, vitamins, reading lamp, credit and debit cards, cash, identity, driver’s license, passport, fly medicine, band-aid, pain relief.

Personal care bag for women: Hair removal device, small perfume, deodorant, make-up materials, pad, shower gel, shampoo, bath fiber, conditioner, comb, brush comb, toothpaste and brush, hair spray, nail scissors, hairpin, hair dryer.

Personal care bag for men: Deodorant, perfume, shaving foam, shaving lotion, shaver, toothbrush and paste, hair spray, jelly, shampoo, conditioner, nail clipper, hair dryer.

Things to take for the child: Shampoo, apron, medicine, vitamin, underwear, clothes, bottle, pacifier, diapers, creams, diaper creams, food, toys, books.

Today in all aspects luggage preparation guide by taking the subject how to prepare a suitcase We tried to answer the question. If you know suitcase preparation techniques If there is, do not forget to mention it as a comment!